Floravere is a direct-to-consumer bridal collection for the modern bride and an experience for the modern woman. With a strategic rebrand and new retail experience, Floravere is upending yesterday’s idea of bridal and giving a new breed of women access to luxury, style and personalization.



Floravere’s rebrand neglects every bridal category convention for a totally fresh perspective, complete with a hidden message — love is rare. Gone are metallics, pinks and pastels of bridal-past, replaced with a purposefully unfeminine deep blue. The clean graphic approach allows the collection to stand out.


With a photography approach that gracefully rides the line between curated and organic, the brand instantly lends itself to the social sphere. Photographed by Samuel Bradley.


Designed by award-winning interior design firm Gachot, the Tribeca shop sets a new precedent for bridal retail, moving away from the traditional and into the experiential. In fact, passersby might mistake Floravere as a flower shop at first. 

We’ve also completely reimagined the bridal customer experience, replacing the rows of unoriginal dresses with thoughtful pulls by personal stylists, trading poorly lit selfies for in-suite high definition 360° cameras, and offering each guest complimentary brunch and blowout reservations.

Each bride is welcomed to her personal suite by a custom digital mood board, part of a phone-not-necessary shopping experience.

From door hangers to suite reservation cards to packaging, each moment is customized to created a special and thoughtful experience for each woman.

Social is our place to share new news, whether is our latest looks, stories of our best brides, or even how street style translates to a woman’s bridal style.


Project in partnership with Creative Director and writer William Sawyer.